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Description: Nina Sky Takes On Santino Lee. I should take her out somewhere for some fun away from the house, but she was a runaway and the locals had her picture, and I explained that to her and we decided she'd stay here in the house, till we moved on and I'd take her somewhere nice down the road. The attention alone was enough to arouse me. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see Natalia's blurry form sitting on a stool directly in front of me. I started to work my way downward, a little confused about what I was supposed to. We were in total ecstasy, all three of us. She had kept track of the boys and the blond boy had fucked her pussy six times and that the dark haired boy had fucked her only five times. Then I told them, Your mother is NOT your family whore! Sarah felt Mikes fingers slide from inside her and looked across at him, I walked into her the entrance of the house, looked her in the eye holding the backpack I'd carried over up to her and said, Fill this with all the alcohol you have in the house, after that, you can drive me to the ATM and get about $1000, an we'll stop for a pack of cigarettes on the way back. Rating 5/10