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Description: Bbi Pritsy. So you've been a slut, and a dog! Angela loved that feeling. The fingers were sliding lightly over my warm skin, practically hovering above the skin with the lightest touch possible. We both grunted in unison when my cock hit her cervix. Before I knew it she had taken her panties off again and was in just a garter belt and bra. I drove us out of the airport and we stopped at a nearby restaurant to eat where we just had a chicken and ham salad before continuing on to the freeway and an hour later, exited it. She placed her tongue all the way inside, and felt her way around the interior of Emily's mouth. She lunged across the bed, quite obviously aiming for the door. She caught her self mid fantasy. Karen screamed. Had Tony known, he would have taken her on a short flight around New York City to get use to the feeling of being in the air. Rating 6/10
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