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Description: Rex Wolfe Showing Off His Huge 9 Inch Dick. Since she can remember, Judy liked girls, she dreamed of them, she looked at them in the shower at school, and she fantasized about them. Jan and I would get naked and she showed me how to lick a pussy. I was lost for words, and before I could recover she waddled away in the direction of the kitchen. The startled look on her face told me she couldn't believe what she was looking at. He pulled his pants up and never saying a word, he gently popped me on the cheek, smiled and walked out of the room. I heard her talking with people just moment later, she had been struggling with gender identity since she was young but couldn't afford hormone treatment, so she took the permanent version of X-Change so she could finally be who she felt she was. My cock was quickly getting hard and the warmth of her mouth felt like nothing I had ever felt before.
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