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Duration: 31:11 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Filled With Honey. From complete virgin to the slut he made her. I made myself comfortable and started to press the legs from foot to knee. I did it because I genuinely love her, she means everything to me and she deserved it. Ben had everybody watch as he fucked Reanna first, the girls gave him instructions and he came very quickly. Thomas was pumping her butt faster, his cock throbbing in her tail and giving her orgasm after orgasm. I don't have to fight to find food, I know I have food to eat and am loved by my sister slaves, Master. Ben picks Joy up and takes her into the shower and takes a shower with her. Neither of us had been to her house before so we were a little excited about the new experience. Rating 2/10
Models: Katja Kassin