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Description: Ariel Busts A Good One. They kiss him and start to make love to him. Side to side and in and out. He was about 6 foot, skinny, somewhere around 40 years old. I made a grab for them I had to have them in my hands, they certainly felt real, no hard lumpy bits, but I have never seen fake boobs in the flesh. I finished quickly and joined her on the couch where she snuggled up with me again. Slowly we grinded into each other, enjoying the feeling of our hot naked flesh pressed against the other until I could no longer hold back. We all were totally exhausted. She asked in a me stuttered mumble, Why did you jack off with my panties, that's. Well in for a penny, in for a pound I figured. It's the first time I've ever seen her like this, and I don't know how to react. She tied it to the headboard next but I wasn't worried knowing that it wasn't tight enough to actually keep me captive. Hey put that down! She looked at her panties, and in her happiness, saw that they were completely dry, with no sign of any wetness.
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