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Description: Rafel. I must have looked horrified because both Alex and Kate, who had by now become aware that something was up, looked where I was looking. He then told me to bend over and spread my butt cheats. What I had to go on was: Anytime I told a girl to do something, she would look at me blankly, the do it. She'd have to find a way to get back at him or find some dirt to have leverage to get back those dirty pictures. Luckily for us exhibitionists there is no Exhibitionists Anonymous. The girls let them and always seemed to accidentally brush up against their young cocks giving both of them a cheap thrill. Both of them also had extra jobs they did in addition to their routes, unlike most of the other employees who'd been gone for over an hour. I was sorry that the girls had sucked me off earlier. He fucked her hard and marveled at her round ass. My wife really got cut off from sex with me then.
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