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Description: Bad Habits 2 - Scene 4. Her mind had guided her body to enjoy the tenderness which Miss West had demonstrated. ''I'll tell you when you are able to get another picture; for now stroke my cock.'' Niky felt tears build up ''No, I'm not going to let him enjoy my suffering.'' she thought as she tucked away her emotions and started stroking his cock. She's a senior now and there's no reason for her not to start up again. But thats another story, IF YOU WANT MORE PLEASE , ADD YOUR POSITIVE COMMENTS BELOW. What does Trixie look like? Returning to the bed chamber he finds her dressed and looking breathtaking. And after a couple of spoons had found its way to m y mouth I got used to the situation. She went and sat on my couch hair tied up in a loose bun but the thing that mystified me was that she wore bright and dark colored tunics like the genie orange and red pants and black and brown tunic. Rating 7/10
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