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Description: Joi- Mom Sucked Me Dry. I wanted to feel those big, round ass cheeks and magnificent boobs in my hands. The strong yet gentle touch of my hand gliding over her body sent waves of ecstasy through her. She could have kissed me then herself, but I could see that she wanted me to make the first move. Cary was first scared, but that thought fled quickly as she thought of what power she had now. When we got to the part where I strip naked, she inspected my cock and said, nice and hard, just like I said. Sperm ran down the sides of her cheeks, pooling and running into her gaping butt-hole. She also made a remark that Jim wouldn't recognize his pig-sty of a room when he came back from college. I said through my gritted teeth. She had a little smile on her face, but her breathing was hot and heavy as she waited to be skewered with my hot steel rod. This was what I was waiting for. She vaguely registered a hand touching her through her panties. Think you can take it?