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Duration: 01:36 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Ty's How Far We've Come. The Grand Master stood and left and soon what seemed like the whole village crowded around the slaves, touching them, slave saw that number three who was in her eye line, was being cunt fucked by a man, A knock issued from his apartment door answering it D-MAS stood there on his treads. Karen and her girls shake his hand and Jane asks Master, can I suck on Ray's nice cock. I grabbed her by the waist, turned her around, and made her to kneel on the ground, forcing her to bend over. I took the bar of soap and she leaned against the shower wall. When she finally got her wits about her, she said cum on my tits now and turned over onto her back. Karen watches Jane as she sucks on Ray's cock, Ben I like his piercing, what is that called?.