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Description: Sexual Healing 03 - Scene 3. We have three days to reach the city. All these sensations I was experiencing at once was not common for me, here I was and a beautiful girl warming my leg with her pussy. Although the Elves had strictly stayed to the vegetables and fruit provided, Eragon brought it upon himself to at least test some of the meat and also bring some of his strength back with the protein. They started talking back and forth. The creatures were waiting for this exact moment, and come out of hiding into the clearing. This causes the other three to chuckle. Gotcha a drink, she said, handing her a brightly coloured cocktail. She posed a few times, then walked past me on her way back to the bedroom. I got down on my knees, unsnapped the top of her shorts, unzipped the fly, and slid her shorts down her legs to the floor. I traveled the streets to the arena down the same path I took yesterday.
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