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Description: Tainted White Girls 4 - Scene 1. I brought my head down to her crotch and spread her legs wide with my hands. It's my buddy's turn. Of course, I am the Devil, she turned and stared him in the eyes, and we have a bargain. She could vaguely hear the whoops and calls, shouts of encouragements from the crowd. With out another word she turned her back to me and it looked like she was fumbling with her zipper and belt. We often used to talk about it at night on sleep over's how great it would be to feel your dick buried deep inside us both. Charlie was on her knees also in the pool of blood cradling Lucius' beaten, bloody, broken, weakened and dead body in her lap. After just a minute or two of this, I was shooting what seemed like an endless stream of cum into her. Melissa watched him as he watched her. Life was great again. I knew that it was time to feed her my cock.
Models: Melanie Jayne