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Description: Quick Dick Tease. You look so pretty stood there semi naked Rachel, all tied up and defenceless. A strange odor entered her nostrils as she struggled and inhaled the chloroform from the cloth that was in my hand. I watched in awe as the girl pissed in Amelia's mouth. Brendy's whole hand slipped in me after a few tries. Another squirt followed and Tiffany held this one in her mouth, savoring the hot, salty taste of her brother's sperm. As Wendy's hand approached close to her secret spot she gyrated and thrust in the direction of her touch, almost begging for more. She explained to me that that was why I had been sent out of town on those weekends so that she could not only attend the orgies but so that she could recover for a day or two afterwards too so that I would not get suspicious. I wanted them to have a new one for every day of the week.
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