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Description: Slut Takes Cock Like It’S Her 9-5 *up Close*. I felt her muscles grip on my fingers and thought she was going to break them for a minute as she bucked and rode them like a wild thing. Rayne gently removed my arms and shimmied her hips out of the loose silk pants she slept in. I will be writing my third story in the next few days. You can listen to those while you watch a DVD too. But I had so much fun teasing you that I just want one more day. Blinking a few times in surprise, Wulfee didn't waste more than a few precious seconds to wiggle to her feet and take off into the woods. Her pussy tingled and began to moisten automatically at the alluring sight of a hard, male crotch. I went into my room and closed the door behind myself. The pressure released in my balls and a feeling of ecstasies came over me as I shot load after load of hot, sticky cum deep into her pussy. She got startled but did as I said. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans, and she moaned as I reached her black panty clad mound.
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